>Everyone is late once in a while. It's not a big deal, particularly if the late arrival apologizes for his/her tardiness. It's called being considerate. So why I am furious right now?

My eye doctor is the same guy I've been seeing since I was in high school. My eyes were screwed up most unpleasantly (contact lenses that cut off the oxygen supply to my big browns, thus causing all manner of problems - this happened with two separate doctors), but I never had a problem with this guy in terms of my eyes, so I figure I'll just schedule my exams when I happen to be in town to visit the family or whatever. However, for the last several appointments, this dude is not only late, not only does not apologize for making me wait, but doesn't even bother showing up to the office before my scheduled appointment. If you can't get your ass into your office before 10:25 am, you should not make your first appointment at 10. Do you think my time is worthless and I just love sitting in your waiting room staring at old copies of Time Out Chicago? Because I don't. At all. Further, as my blood begins boiling, a simple apology for being late would calm the seething rage roiling within me. But, of course, I forgot that patients are not people deserving common courtesy. My bad.

Since this is about the 5th or 6th time in a row that this has happened, I think it is finally time to see someone new. Damn, I hate people.

On another note, here's a rhetorical question: why on earth does the suburban branch of my gym have free valet parking? There is a huge parking garage right next to the gym that anyone can park in. Is it so difficult to park your own car and walk ten seconds to the gym? I don't get it.