>While neither of our days started out spectacularly (he woke up with a severe sinus headache; I discovered that half the places I planned to visit today for the book are closed on Tuesdays, although at least I figured that out before I got there), I am looking forward to participating in the low key birthday celebration Husband requested. We shall go to the gym, eat at home, and then watch the last two erpisodes from this past season of CSI.

While I hope that Husband enjoys his birthday, I also must thank his parents for raising such a great son. When my mother-in-law gave birth 31 years ago, she was sure she was having a girl.

"You have a boy!" the doctor announced when her baby fully emerged.

"It's not mine," Mother-in-Law infamously replied.

"He has red hair," the doctor told her.

"OK, I'll take him," she said.

Since then, both my in-laws have been fantastic parents. In a world where children are often raised according to strict gender stereotypes, Husband (and his brother) turned into amazing and wonderful human beings who fully embrace equality in relationships and life. So on the occasion of Husband's birthday, I owe major thanks to his parents for producing the love of my life. As a result of them, today is a happier day for many people.