>If you had been lucky enough (cursed?) to attend my grandmother's 85th birthday party on Saturday night, you would have played a rousing game of Bernice. Bernice is a lot like Bingo, only has six columns instead of five and the numbers are in no order whatsoever. (In Bingo, 1-15 or so can only appear under the B column; in Bernice, numbers were completely randomly assigned, making it a more challenging win and a game that goes on forever.) Also, Bernice has a little picture of my grandmother in the free space.

A podcast of this game would have been exceptionally boring, except for the following conversation:

Aunt: C 72.
Granny: Did she say C or B?
Sister's Husband: C as in your favorite word for female genitalia.
Granny: Ha ha! You can't get me to say the C word tonight!
Mom (in innocent voice to goad her into saying it): What C word.
Granny: Ha ha. (Mumbles something, possibly calling my mom a bitch.)

Ah, yes! Even Bingo is not a safe activity with my family.