>In a morning full of utterly depressing news (anyone shocked that thanks to bungles by the Bush administration, terrorists are stronger than ever? No? I'm not either, but it is still depressing to think how many idiot Americans couldn't tell this was going to happen), I was slightly cheered by the New York Times first page photo of cute little Jami Waite. Who's Jami Waite, you ask. Why, she's a public face for the abstinence-only group Virginity Rules.

I can only picture the orgasmic glee that overtook officials at Virginity Rules when Ms. Waite joined their merry band. Really, what are the odds that a girl named Waite wants to wait? And that she's stereotypically attractive? One or the other seems like a good possibility, but the combination of name, (lack of) desire, and looks must be rare. Oh, the slogan possibilities! (Examples: "Waite with Me," or more luridly, "Cum Waite with Me") Surely God himself had a hand in this!

I love it. Not as much as the guy in the article who uses tape to illustrate how pre-marital sex prevents married couples from bonding properly, but I do love it.