Who would have thought another situation which requires the input of CUSS readers would present itself so quickly? Yet here I am with an important dilemma that requires the thoughtful recommendations of what is clearly the most intelligent readership in the blogosphere.

As I was dressing yesterday, I came across a pair of light pink Victoria’s Secret low rise underpants in my underpants/bras/slips drawer. They looked vaguely familiar, but not so much so that I automatically knew they were mine. I took them into the living room, where Husband was fooling around with his 15,000 MP3s.

“Are these your girlfriend's?” I asked, knowing full well that they were not or I wouldn’t have asked.

“No, she doesn’t wear that brand,” he said, not even looking away from the monitor.

“Seriously, do you recognize these? I’m not sure if they are mine.”

“Then how’d they get in your drawer?”

“I was thinking that they may have been left in a washer or drier that we used, we didn’t notice them, and they got lumped in with our stuff.” It is definitely one of the risks of using a building-wide laundry room. In the past, we have definitely wound up with socks that don’t belong to us.

He thought about it. “No, I think they are yours.”

So, dear readers, what would you do? Throw them out? Wear them, thinking even if they are not yours, at least they are clean? The fate of my butt and crotch is in your hands….