>I'm tired. Time for confessions.

1. I like that evil radio station, Jack FM. Yes, it is corporate radio at its most raw. It displaced beloved oldies stations in both of my hometowns. (Although it failed miserably in NYC and the oldies are coming back, which makes me smile.) But it plays a reliable mix of pop and rock songs that I enjoy. It is perfect for when I drive. I am ashamed, but it reintroduced me to Bon Jovi. How can I hate a station that brings "Livin' on a Prayer" back into my life?

2. I want to burn down McMansions. Worse, I wouldn't mind if its owners were in them as the beams crashed to the floor in flames. It was a nice day yesterday, so I took a run through my old neighborhood. On one street, nearly every moderate-sized home was razed and replaced with some fucked up, pretentious palazzo squeezed into every square inch of the lot. It's depressing, and they are conquering the country. I suppose the madness will end when the housing boom finally crashes, but it is very sad that I look forward to the destruction of the housing market, isn't it?

3. I gave in to my better side, did the right thing, and agreed to have lunch with Bubbe this afternoon. Sigh. I'm bracing myself for the racist tirades.

4. I miss Husband and Tycho Bunnae.

5. I worry about letting people down with blog posts that are as mundane as this one.