>OK, it would be even better if my other blog friends who were unable to come to BlogHer this year were sitting with me right now, but I am drooling with delight as I wolf down an crappy egg sandwich in the presence of SueBob, Alex, Super Des, Average Jane, and Count Mockula! Yay! And the fact that they are willing to be seen with me in public after I had a mini meltdown on the the shuttle bus from the hotel is most impressive. (The bus took an indirect route to Navy Pier after arriving late and I needed food, damn it!)

Yesterday before everyone arrived my mom and I tromped about Graceland Cemetery, home to Chicago's most notable dead people (i.e. - George Pullman of the Pullman Sleeper Car, Philip Armour of Armour meats, Marshall Field of the best department store in the world recently ruined by Macy's, Daniel Burnham - architect of the 1893 World Fair, etc.) and some seriously fucked up statues. It was a tad bit sweaty, but most interesting. I'm going to post some pictures later.