>Got back to the good ol' U.S. of A. yesterday afternoon. Husband and I went home, unpacked, (I repacked for my road trip with Dr. P), showered, then went to a delightful house warming in Queens. One of the only clean shirts that I had that didn't illustrate my hairy pits (which would have been too cold to wear - it was rather chilly for June) was my CUSS shirt, so I threw it on.

At the house warming, I was talking to a commercial real estate lawyer about my book about weird things to see and do in New York, when he interrupted me.

"Does your shirt say 'Campaign for Unshaved Snatch?'" he asked with some disbelief in his tone.

"Yes it does!" I puffed out a bit with pride.

Stickers were distributed before I left the party.

Now I am heading off to help Dr. P move to Florida. More adventures to come, and thank god they do not involve walking. My blisters each have their own blisters at this point.