>The hotel rooms I am staying in while accompanying Husband on his business trip are getting progressively more ridiculous. We began at a very traditional hotel with olden-style furnishings. It was very nice, although I thought that the shower with its double shower heads was weird. (Sara's subsequent explanation was helpful, although the shower heads were not angled in a way that she described, so it still made no sense.) Then we stayed at a super luxe hotel in Milan, which came with free trays of fruit, including a persimmon that Husband thought was a "fucked up tomato." (Damn, that cracks me up.) Now, I am staying in a gym in Rome.

No seriously, my room is a gym. Not only does it have a treadmill, freeweights, mat, and big ball thingy, but the bathroom is a fucking locker room, complete with zillions of towels and a bench.(The windows behind the bed look into the bathroom/locker room.)Also, the framed photos are all of athletes accomplishing various feats of fitness. Decidedly nice to be able to work out in the room, but extremely odd to have a full locker room. I'm not sure how I feel about it.