>Here's a new CUSS feature: What Would CUSS Readers Do? (WWCRD) Sort of like my favorite evangelical reminder to consider what Jesus would do in a given ethical dilemma, WWCRD will present a moral situation in the hopes that trusted CUSS readers will weigh in with their excellent guidance.

Today's WWCRD? thorny question is:

Let's say that a beloved friend/family member is driven out of her cushy summer housing by an utterly inconsiderate roommate who keep her up all night by talking loudly, watching movies, slamming drawers, and keeping florescent lights on, among other problems. The roommate's not evil per se, but your loved one is still tormented by her annoying actions. Beloved One and others are extremely inconvienced by moving out, but its the only option left other than killing Inconsiderate Roommate.

If you were helping Beloved One move, would you give into the tempation to blow your nose into a Kleenex and stuff it behind the OCD Inconsiderate Roommate's pillow? While "cleaning," could you resist spraying Tilex into OCDIR's vase of fresh roses? Would you have other evil schemes, like getting a homeless man to come into a cup and then dumping the contents into OCDIR's Coach handbag, or is that going too far?

I confess to none of these dastardly doings, but am curious to hear from you, dear trusted readers.