>Using the bathroom in the Elvis Automobile Museum, I noticed an SD card for a digital camera on the floor in my stall. I'm not sure how one might lose and SD care in a bathroom, but there it was. Generally, I don't pick things up off the floor in public bathrooms, but this one seemed extra clean and a free SD card was too good to pass up. I snatched it up greedily, but gingerly, in my fingernails.

"Look what I found!" I exlaimed to Husband when I met up with him outside the bathroom. "A free SD card!"

"Oooooh!" Husband loves free stuff. But he frowned. "What if it has all of someone's vacation photos on it? We should give it to the lost and found." He looked sad at giving it up, but he was right.

"I know!" Sister's Husband chimed in. "Let's look at it and see what is on it. If it is blank, keep it. If not, we can turn it in. And maybe it will have pictures of naked people!!!"

We snorted. I placed the card in our camera. Lo and behold, it had many vacation pictures, plus graduation pictures. "I'll turn it in," I said. And just as I was about to turn the camera off and remove the card, three pictures of ladies cavorting with male strippers showed up. Hilarious.