>Husband had most of the day off, so we set out for Milanese adventures. We began by climbing the stairs to the roof of Il Duomo.It was sunny, which explains my grimace. (I'm terrible with glare.) Nothing explains my bad hair except my need for a hair cut.

After Il Duomo, we headed over to the Museum of Science and Technology, which was exceptionally fun and interesting. In the section on water transportation, Husband tried out a periscope from a retired submarine.

The museum also recontructed a schooner from the 1800s. In full.My only (minor) complaint is that you could not actually go onto the ship, which would have been utterly amazing. Also, large parts of the museum were under construction, so some potentially cool stuff was off limits. C'est la vie. We still spent 3.5 hours there, including a break for snacks in the vending machine room. Somehow it is even more fun to buy junk food out of vending machines in foreign countries.

Finally, we went to the Pinateca Ambrosiana, which had some great art by Ghirlandiao, Botticelli, and Leonardo, plus Brueghel, a weird favorite of mine. More importantly, it was in a completely stunning palazzo.I thought that the building itself was far more interesting than the art it housed. Except for the objects d'arte, which included a pair of Napolean's gloves and a lock of Lucrezia Borgia's hair.After our sightseeing, we trekked over to a large grocery store to stock up on provisions, as Husband so eloquently put it. As we returned to the hotel, I turned to Husband and told him that although most of the guests arrive with shopping bags in hand, he is probably the only one to show up with grocery bags. He beamed with pride.