>There's nothing like starting a new month sleepless from hacking up globs of yellow mucus all night. Still, I did my best to meet the challenges of the day. At work, I managed to sit through a meeting in a walk-in freezer – oops, I mean air conditioned conference room – and not kill anyone. I consider this an accomplishment mainly because it involved listening to incompetent people self-righteously insist that $50 million is not nearly enough to build and maintain some early childhood centers. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say that they are right: if you refuse to understand the development process, plan things, and collaborate with other agencies to ensure that your projects make sense, $50 million is not enough.

After the meeting, I called it a day and headed home. I checked my email, read two rejections from different places regarding different freelance pieces I submitted, changed my return flight from BlogHer back to NYC, then thought a short nap might do me good. The bed was very welcoming, indeed.

As I was dreaming about a former co-worker, the woman I consult for at the City, and a field trip we were on from our social studies class, a voice cut into my rest.


It was Husband. I opened my eyes and looked at my clock.

"What? Why are you waking me up!?!?! It's only 5:54! I don't have to go to work today!" I said groggily, but getting angry.

"It's 6 PM, not AM," Husband replied with a hint of concern in his voice.

"Huh? Wha?" I sat up. Squinting at Husband, I realized that my nap went on about 3 more hours than I anticipated.

"Wow, you must have been really tired."

Yes. Thank goodness it is the weekend.