>Husband neglected to tell me until after this evening's cocktail party that only a select group of conference attendees were invited. Most of those people were exceptionally large donors to NYU's business school. Suddenly, the fact that we were at least ten years younger than anyone else there made sense.

However, I am glad that I did not know this beforehand, or I would have been extremely nervous. Also, I would have additionally rued myself for not bothering to bring any makeup or decent jewelry (I can assure you that I was the only person wearing a Flik Flak children's watch), and been even more self-conscious of my dress, which I swore fit me perfectly on Tuesday night when I tried it on before I packed it, but tonight made me worry that my boobs were going to fall out because the top was too big. And did I mention that I wore a white cotton Gap Kids cardigan over it? Oy.

Since I did not know any of this, I was pretty relaxed and had some nice chats with people. One woman even suggested that I connect with NYU when my book comes out and they would invite me to speak with students and promote it. I was pretty happy about that. (Now, let's just get a damn contract. I have heard nothing since I met the publisher last Thursday...) I loved the personal tour of Museo Ferragamo. So many cool and utterly impractical shoes to see, and I got some behind-the-scenes stories on the tour.

To wrap up a lovely evening, Husband and I were each given a Ferragamo gift bag as we left the event. Inside was a leather portfolio. As Skeeter from Varsity Blues says, "Nice. Very nice."

Plan for Friday:
1. Eat more gelato.
2. Visit museum of extremely graphic gynecological waxworks from the 17th century (seriously, I am so excited! I hope I can take pics to share)
3. Visit some churches
4. meet up with Husband later for dinner with his conference group.