>Out of curiosity, why would anyone agree to an outdoor interview in Washington, DC in June? Don't people know that it is motherfucking hot and humid there, and if you wear your sunglasses during an interview, you look like you are hiding something? Then again, Ann Cuntler has never been very smart.

I was at the gym when the show came on and counted my lucky stars that the flat panel TV it was on had no sound and no teletype. Just seeing Ann in her sunglasses raised my heart rate enough; I didn’t really want to hear what she had to say. But by continuing to listen to Madonna (“Ray of Light,” her best album ever in my humble opinion) on my iPod, I missed it when Elizabeth Edwards called in to very politely and calmly ask Coulter to stop her onslaught of personal attacks.

Later, I cracked myself up inventing convoluted metaphors about how Coulter gets what she deserves, like, "Don't serve me a steaming hot crock of shit and expect me to thank you for the warm pot of fondue. I'll throw it in your face!" That's sort of what Elizabeth Edwards said, only a lot more gently. (Edwards also supported gay marriage earlier this week. Why the fuck isn't She running for president? The woman has balls and convictions.)