>The bizarre bathroom locker room only gets weirder. This is the shower.There is a regular shower head, which is excellent because it is super large. On the side, there is also a shower stick, which is weird because it is so small and I can't see how it would rinse any soap off. Of course, it makes me think of a dildo as a water pick, but that is another story and makes me not want to touch it because I am sure that if I had that idea, someone else already has used it that way. Gross.

On the other side of the shower pik/dildo, you'll notice three things sticking out of the wall. The other side of the shower has another three. When you turn the appropriate lever, water splurts out of all six nodes. It's like being in a car wash! I thought it would be fun to try except that I am too short and thus the top nodes spray water directly into my eyes, which is not fun at all.