>Yesterday, Husband and I spent a day outside in the warm but not hot sun at our godson's first birthday party in MA. (He's Alex's kid, so it was very nice to see her, too.) During the party, Godson eagerly crawled around to explore the spacious backyard. At one point, however, he began to cry.

"Godson is crying, but it's because he's a baby," another child, about to enter kindergarten, informed Husband.

"Yes, babies sometimes cry," he replied. "Sometimes they are hungry, sometimes they want their diapers changed, or sometimes they are hurt."

"I cry sometimes, too, especially when I don't get my way," the child told Husband in a serious tone. "Then I get a time out."

When Husband told me this story, we laughed and laughed over the kid's honesty. On the other hand, I had a sinus headache last night and my allergies are killing me today, which is exactly what happened last time I spent so much time outdoors. This kid seems to have a better understand of actions and consequences than I do.