>Bush was in Rome yesterday to see the pope, which was a relief to me. I was worried that he would be there next week and fuck up my plans. Not that I planned to see the pope, but I was looking forward to visiting the Medical History Museum, which Dr. P, Dr. H, and I stumbled into last May when we were wondering around by the Vatican. I didn't know if the meeting of the these two great leaders of the anti-reproductive rights movement would mess with my life even more. Nothing pisses me off more than having my vacation ruined.

Anyway, this morning Husband and I were wondering how Italians felt about our great Fearless Leader. We suspected that they hate him like most Europeans do. Later, as I was wondering around, I found evidence that socialist Italians really hate Bush:The comparison to Hitler rankles me, though. Bush is much, much more similar to the Italian fascist leader Mussolini. It turns out that although Mussolini discriminated against Italian Jews, he never sent any to death or labor camps. The Jews were only deported from Italy after the Nazis invaded the country in 1943. Bush is no doubt a fascist like Mussolini. People never like admitting that their fascist leaders resemble ours, do they?