>Losin' It was on of Tom Cruises' first hit movies, or something like that, wedged right between The Outsiders and Risky Business. To me, though, "losin' it" is a near daily occurrence, although the "it" that gets lost varies tremendously.

Often times "it" is my temper or tenuous grip on sanity. Other days it is an object, like a water bottle I'm carrying with me, which I put down for a second to look at something, then wander away and 15 minutes later, realize that I lost it somewhere. Today, "it" was the last week's edition of New York Magazine, which had a very interesting feature on books, writing, and MFA programs. I read it on the train back to New York from New Haven, and after I read the main feature, I realized that I enjoyed the rest of the magazine immensely, too. Unfortunately, I lost it after I debarked in Harlem, sweated buckets on the walk to the subway, and noticed a Dunkin' Donuts. At DD, I bought a mango pineapple smoothie. Sometime between slurping down the icy beverage and entering the subway station and refilling my MetroCard, I dropped the magazine. I didn't notice until I was getting on the subway and it occurred to me that I wanted to finish reading some article.

What was I doing on the train from New Haven in the first place? Well, that is the main thing that I lost today. I helped Dr. P pack up her UHaul for Stage 1 of her moving process, which involves dropping her shit off at her parents' house in Connecticut. (Long story.) Despite being ridden with cold germs, I asked her if she wanted company on her drive north before we embark on a much longer drive south in two weeks. She dropped me off at the train station to go back to NYC, which is where I then lost my magazine. But of course, I had already lost something much more important today when one of my closest friends - someone I think of as a sister - moved away.