>Long distance information give me Memphis, TN... Wait, I don't need long distance to contact The King this weekend. As part of my new "good life," Husband and I have started taking mini trips with my parents and sister and brother-in-law to important rock 'n' roll sites. Two summers ago, we met the family in Cleveland and visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, something my mom wanted to do for years. Last summer, Husband and I met my mom in DC and went to the Smithsonian, technically not dedicated to rock 'n' roll, but the American History Museum is full of delightful artifacts from the 1950s and 1960s. This weekend, we meet my mom in America's Mecca: Graceland.

What these little trips really illustrate, however, is that Husband is a very wonderful Husband. Since I used to contribute (a smaller piece, but still a piece) of the household income, I didn't feel so guilty about paying for things that my family wanted to do. Now, I am nearly (but not totally) incomeless, so he is spending his own hard earned money on me and my family. Even more impressive, he is traveling to spend time with my family! While I love them dearly, I fully acknowledge that spending time with them is not always the easiest. Maybe that is why these are mini trips... Still, Husband is the King in my eyes.

I'm pretty excited for Graceland as well. We ordered the Platinum tour package, which means we also get to see the car museum and the Elvis jumpsuit collection. The jumpsuit collection! How could anyone resist?!?! (To prepare, I even shaved my arm pits. I wasn't sure how die hards would feel about a hairy pitted woman wandering around in a tank top among these precious relics, and I figured there was no need to risk inciting a riot.)

Also, the thought of BBQ is making me drool, even at 8:20 AM. Good, sweaty times ahead!