>Earlier this week, Danger Doll wrote up a list of recent epiphanies and asked readers to share theirs. No revelations have come to me this week, but lots of questions have been raised in the last few days. Perhaps you can help me understand:

1. The shower at my hotel in Florence.Notice that there are three shower heads. Two of them work. Those would be the two joint shower heads that I don't understand in the first place. Is it so two people can shower separately, but at the same time? But the water temperature is the same for both, and the heads are way too close together for two people to have separate showers anyway. The shower head I want to use is the one you can grab off the wall, but no water goes to that one and I can't figure out how to divert it from the two above. Showering under two shower heads is very strange. If you can figure out anything about this shower, I will be very grateful.

2. Where is the miracle chalice?I went to Sant' Ambrogio church this morning to see the chalice in which wine miraculously turned to blood in 1230 after a priest forgot to finish wiping up the cup. It is housed in a special tabernacle created for it in 1483. I know it is somewhere in this picture, as brochures in Italian assured me that it was there, and I asked someone in the church, who pointed at the structure. Is it in the lit box or behind the grille in the wall? Why is it hidden? I want to see the miracle more closely. (Ok, that last part was whining, but I am curious.)

3. How did I manage to get three insane mosquito bites on my knees yesterday? I wore jeans all day. Did mosquitos get in my pants? (If so, I won't tell Husband - he hates when others get into my pants. ha ha.) My knees have bruises because they itch so fucking badly. Are Italian blood suckers more potent?

Those are my questions for now. I look forward to your thoughts.