>Graceland was very cool and lots of fun. In random order:

The pool room, with walls and ceiling covered in fabric.

Elvis's furry bed, complete with mirrors and imbedded stereo.

The infamous Jungle Room! The green shag carpeting also covered the walls of the stairs leading from the room to the basement.

The den, complete with three TVs because Elvis heard that Lyndon Johnson watched all three news programs at the same time and thought it was a good idea. (The TVs were too hard to photograph, so I just captured the yellow and navy essence of the room and part of the freaky monky statue on the mirrored table.)

The living room and music room. I rather liked the stained glass.

"I don't understand why people think the rooms are cheesy," my mom declared.

"Ha ha ha ha ha," I laughed.

"No seriously, why do people find this tacky?"

"Maybe because it looks like your house?" Sister suggested.