>A nice man named David emailed me and told me that his wife's knitting club had been looking into two projects which I might find out interest.This is The Snatchel. A handy little pouch for your little goodies. Instructions for crocheting your cooter can be found here at The Anti-Craft".

If you prefer using your knitting needles on male genitalia, The Anti-Craft can keep your idles hands busy.The Beanis is a fun object that I think is a beanie, although I am not entirely sure I get how you put this thing on your head. (I mean the one on your neck.) Even if it is not wearable, it is damn cool.

I myself don't knit. I like needle crafts, just not with super huge needles. Knitting needles strike me as things I'd use to stab an enemy in the face, not make cool crafts. Years ago, when in college, I hand sewed a giant stuffed penis for Husband.
This was fun to make, although I don't have nearly as good instructions as The Anti-Craft. I sort of made it up as I went along, but if anyone is interested, I could try and figure out what the hell I did.

Fun times.