>The biggest threat to liberty and democracy in the US is not George W. Bush. Sure, he's a dictatorial "my way or the highway" type, but he's essentially a stubborn idiot who only got his way because the rest of the country (including an extremely lame Congress) bought into his lies and refused to question what the hell was going on. I blame Americans for the damage we allowed Bush to create.

Dick Cheney, on the other hand, is one truly evil motherfucker. The man says that he is above the government because of his Constitutional dual role as president pro temp of the Senate and Vice President. Therefore, when he wants to keep his Lord Voldemort actions in his dark chamber, he claims executive privilege as part of the executive branch of government. Then when it is noted that as part of the executive branch of government, he is required to turn over papers to the National Archive, he says that he is not in fact part of the executive branch because he is part of the Senate. So nyah nyah on us. God only knows the full extent of the vile actions that Cheney has undertaken in the past seven years, but we will be paying for them for a long time.

While Cheney's poison will remain in our collective system for quite some time, at least Cheney is going to go away, though. The biggest threat to democracy and liberty in the US is Supreme Court "Justice" Antonin Scalia. That man is a terrifying dispenser of justice as he sees fit. Constitution? Forget the Constitution! The man is confused - when he swore an oath on the Bible to uphold the Constitution, he believed that the Bible was the Constitution, not the actual Constitution. Thus we have him repeatedly making decisions that edge us closer and closer to a theocracy. Government funded religion? Bring it on, Scalia says. Who cares about separation between church and state when we should really just have church. Free speech? Only when it is really expensive, not when it is free. Scalia's demented Bible says the rich are going to heaven and thus have more rights. Reproductive rights? Of course the man says you have the right to reproduce, it's not reproducing that offends God.

As Scalia chips away at anything that makes America worthwhile, we can only sit here and watch in horror. Unlike Bush and Cheney, he's there until he dies or decides to go away. People like Scalia never die or retire. They have missions. We are fucked.