>As Dr. P and I whizzed down 95 through South Carolina at 80 miles per hour in her mini van loaded to the brink with her belongings, we passed a lump on the road. In the seconds I had to inspect it, I thought it might be an armadillo. It had a ribbed round body and a long snout. So it also could have been a muffler.

"Was that an armadillo or a muffler?" Dr. P asked.

"I was just wandering the same thing," I replied. "Are there armadillos in South Carolina?"

"I don't know. Do armadillos have long snouts?" she reponded.

"I think so, sort of like anteaters."

Yes, this is the kind of excitement we have had on the trip. We also discussed shitting in public bathrooms versus holding it in all day and the difficulties of squatting while taking a dump. Then we went to Waffle House and gorged on cheese grits. One thing I can say for the South: amazing food.