>Whizzing along 95 behind a tractor trailer, Dr. P read the following help wanted ad: "Are you tough enough to haul flowers?" We decided that we probably weren't.

Later, a billboard for vasectomies with "no needles" and "no scalpels" caught our attention. As a surgeon, Dr. P wondered what on earth this procedure entails. I thought perphaps the doctor pinches the guys balls really, really hard in an effort to cause scar tissue According to vasweb.com (the site advertised on the billboard with a creepy picture of Dr. Stein - not Dr. Frank N. Stein, don't worry!), this is how it works:

A MadaJet® is a spray applicator which delivers a fine stream of liquid anesthetic at a pressure great enough to penetrate the skin to a depth of about 3/16", deep enough to envelop the vas tube held snugly beneath the skin. Each vas is positioned in turn beneath the very middle of the front scrotal wall and given two or three squirts. That numbs the skin and both vas tubes adequately for 99% of men. The other 1% (usually men who have scarring due to prior surgical procedures in the area) will require a bit more anesthetic delivered with a fine needle, usually with no pain at all because of the partial anesthesia achieved with the Madajet.

See? You really do learn something new and fucked up every day!

Anyway, we moved Dr. P into her new home (sob!) and I'll be heading back home tomorrow evening. I'm thinking I need to create a little function for my blog that tracks where the hell I am at any given time. It'll be called "Where is Suzanne?" and have a fun little map. That'd be as awesome as a no needle, no scalpel vasectomy.