>Ever since I returned from India six weeks ago, I have been eagerly anticipating our group reunion. It was every bit as delightful and fun as I hoped it would be. I debuted my newly altered punjabi dress, which I wore with a dark pair of jeans. Sundar (beautiful)! Many compliments were tossed my way. I basked.

After the reunion, I went to dinner with my parents, both grannies, and my aunts. The family also liked the punjabi.

"What is that pretty thing you are wearing?" Granny asked when we got back to my parents' house after dinner.

"It's a punjabi dress," I told her.

"A what?" she squawked.

"A punjabi dress."

"Oh, you're wearing a poon?" she asked innocently.

And on that note, I'm heading back to New York on Sunday afternoon.