>BlogHer '07 I'm<br />GoingI just found out that Count Mockula is coming to BlogHer!!! Squeal. I will be sharing a hotel room with Count, Des, and Alex. I had a very strange dream about the conference last night, which involved me yelling at the fire captain who insulted Alex's eyebrows. (Details at BlogHer.) I booked our hotel room under the American Girl Place Special instead of the special BlogHer rate. It is a full $20 less per night and we get a free doll bed! Can you believe that? A free doll bed worth $18, plus a savings of $20 per night. What a steal!

A slew of other super awesome bloggers are already signed up: SJ of I, Asshole, Suebob from Red Stapler, Erika of Plain Jane Mom, Liz of Mom 101 (who just had a freakin' baby!), and lots of people who I am totally forgetting but should not be. (Maybe also Karrie from One Weird Mother?) Men who support women bloggers, you are also welcome. Don't feel intimidated!

Anyway, I was super intimidated by the conference last year, but I am looking forward to seeing my "old" blog pals and maybe even meeting some new ones. The conference is on my home turf of Chicago, and I'll have my posse and free doll bed, so I think I'll be a bit more confident this year. Plus, I've got the amazing CUSS stickers, so I'm better prepared. (If you want some, email me at cussandotherrants AT gmail DOT com, and despite the increase in postal rates, I am glad to send you some for free.) Perhaps I won't spend the entire time this year standing in the corner not talking to anyone as a result.