>Squeak, squeak.

Husband is in California this week, which means two things:
1. I miss him; and
2. I keep crazy hours.

This happens every time he goes away. My insomnia is extra outrageous. I’m not even bothering to fight it this time. In fact, I decided to use it to my advantage. Since I knew I’d never fall asleep at a normal time tonight, I slept in this morning, fooled around for most of the day, and then cracked down to work this evening. Maybe it is not a great idea to work on complicated Excel formulas at 11 pm, but I fucked the worksheet up pretty badly on Friday afternoon (I was tired from an irritating meeting and not paying enough attention, thus did not notice when I sorted the data that it only sorted one column and not the whole damn thing), so why not try it in the middle of the night? I won’t mention that I was also on the phone with my sister as I did some data entry or with Steph at the end when I was formatting shit….

On a related note, is it even possible to while away a day and not spend money? I managed to spend:

- $35 on alterations on a suit jacket that I bought back in January
- $2 on a subway ride to meet someone for Haven business
- $6 for lunch during the Haven meeting
- $2.11 for a book for my bookclub (after I returned another book)
- $35 for alterations on the stunning punjabi that I bought in India
- $1.50 for kulfi, which is a nutty ice cream

Just as I was feeling guilty about the fact that Husband was off working while I gallivanted about and spent all his hard earned money, I made an important discovery. For no real reason, I grabbed a copy of Metro New York to see if they decided to run an article I wrote about Israel and submitted back in February. I opened right to the op-ed page, and noticed a picture of an extremely butch-looking dyke in a black long sleeve shirt, pink corduroy pants, and pink boots. Yeah, it was me. I was quite pleased that they ran the article. (As soon as it is online, I’ll put up a link in case you are dying to know how Americans and Israelis are alike when it comes to “illegal occupation.”) I earned some money and had a new article published, so I felt better about the whole spend-a-thon I engaged in earlier, and thus decided to ask a friend to dinner and drop another $16. (And of course I have my little consulting gig, so it’s not like I’m not working at all, but that’s another story.) Thrifty I am not.

Next: catching up on a month’s worth of recorded CSI:Miami episodes. Good times!