>Today? Sucked. This evening? Much better. I am much calmer now that my sinuses have cleared up. Bush administration and the American people? Still fuckwads, though.

On another note, I am helping out a blog friend on a mission. Read Suebob's post, Dollar Rent A Car Sucks (and the ffollow up, and you'll know why. Poor Suebob.

Gotta go grab the towels from the drier. Who knew a quiet night of laundry would be so delightful?

Update on the update: My towels were still not dry, but that is OK because Husband discovered on Sunday that the drying unit on second from the left is broken and requires no money for it to work. So I didn't pay for my first 30 minutes, which mostly dried the towels, and I didn't pay for the extra 15 minutes I put them back in for because why get damp towels when you can have nice dry ones? Other than to save energy and all?

After I chat up my parents at 8:30, I am going to the grocery store, as I have no food in the apartment other than three jars of lingonberry sauce (don't ask), frozen Swedish meatballs, and hummus. I already bought some carrots for Tycho, so he's set. I don't even have milk, though. It would have been nice if Husband had clued me into our lack of milk before he left for his trip, but I didn't even notice it until I was having trouble falling asleep last night and went to make a cup of warm milk, only discover the lack of said dairy product. I ate hummus for breakfast on Monday and an egg and English muffin sandwich yesterday, so I didn't even notice.

Wow, this post is mundane. No worries: I have more excitement to post about as soon as I fire up my scanner, which will be after I go to the grocery store. Not only will I post my middling musings on hypocritical American liberals who demand that Israel leave Palestine while they contentedly reside on stolen Native American land, but today Metro printed a superbly awful and hilarious letter calling me names. My fingers are crossed for more reaction in tomorrow's rag.