>Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get that costs rise and inflation and all that. I still don't have to be happy that stamps went up 2 cents. May I point out that I still have one 37 cent stamp still left? Yeesh. While the price increase annoys me, my real problem is that I had to go to the post office to get those "make up rate" stamps and also the new "Forever" stamps.

If you've ever been to a post office in New York City, you know why dreaded my visit so much. Lines are out the door under the best of circumstances. When everyone in NYC also needs two cents stamps, lines wrap around the entire office. I braced myself.

Upon entry into the denizen of America's mail finest, I was a shocked to see that the lines were long, but no worse than usual. I took my place at the end of the "stamp only" line, noting that the two cent stamps were all sold out from the machines. Ten minutes later, I was next. A commotion erupted.

"Where's security?" a man demanded of one of the two counter helpers. A large column mostly blocked my view, so I could only hear his frazzled voice and see his hands as they waved around in panic. "There's a suspicious package!!!"

"Yeah, yeah," the unimpressed postal worker muttered. "I'll call someone."

Shit! It was my turn next. I'd be damned if I had to get out of line at this point. I was next, motherfucker. My heart beat a little faster, but I'm not sure if I was more nervous that they'd evacuate the post office or the suspicious package would turn out to be a bomb and my arm would be blown off.

Fortunately, business continued as usual. The suspicious package turned out to be a kid's insulated lunch bag with a skull and crossbones on it. My arm was not blown off.

Thus I will be traveling to Chicago tomorrow with all my limbs. My India group is having a reunion on Saturday, and my newly tailored altered punjabi dress would look so bad without all my arms.