>Ah, there's nothing like the sound of my brain frying in my skull. I woke up this morning, set up my laptop on the kitchen table(on its new excellent chill pad), discovered that the WiFi didn't work on it for no reason I could discern, and thus have spent the day crunching numbers for my child care policy consulting gig, saving them on a USB memory stick, then running downstairs to the family computer in the basement to email reports. Really, the number crunching alone is the heat and the annoying set up is the frying pan.

Adding to the fun, my parents' house is freezing and there's no food in the house. Well, there are 6 apples, one pear, a bunch of bananas, eggs, 1.5 pieces of turkey, a loaf of wheat bread, and 200 pieces (or so it seems, anyway) of Kraft American cheese. I made myself a hot turkey and cheese sandwich for lunch and huddled by the oven for warmth.

Tonight I am dining with my mom and grandma, so that should yield conversational nuggets of gold.