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Long ago and far away in a remote world known as 'da bronx, new yawk,' there lived a princess named Jayne. A Jewish-American princess to be exact, one of the first of her kind. She lived the role perfectly, for her 16th birthday she got a trip to Cuba with her mother, a pink Cadillac and a nosejob - not to mention a party at the Copa. Princess Jayne was the jewel of the clan and the light of her daddy's eye. She grew up in an atmosphere of wealth, security and love.

Across the lands and on the 'other side of the tracks' there lived a rogue named Charles. Charles grew up in the Irish Catholic section of the town, surrounded by opulence on all sides but stuck in the ghetto with the rest of the 'shanty Irish.' Born to a Finnish mother and American father, WWII soon intervened and Charles lost his father. Taught to speak only Finnish, Charles was raised by his mother for a short time until she decided she didn't want him anymore. She dropped him off at her deceased husband's mother and two sisters and never looked back. What Charles lacked in money he more than made up for in tough love from his grandmother and soft love from his two aunts who raised him together.

Princess Jayne finished high school and went to work for her father, she was being prepped to take over the company that had netted such a lucrative lifestyle. At the same time, Charles the Rogue also finished high school leaving a legacy of hijinks and hooliganism before going off to serve in the US Air Force.

Right around the turn into the 1960's, Princess Jayne was seriously dating a Cuban Jewish man named Manny. Her family approved and it looked as if the deal was done. Charles the Rogue was back from the Air Force and having lost some of his rogue nature had enrolled in college on the GI Bill. Both frequented a local watering hole halfway between the 'right' and 'wrong' sides of the tracks called the Maplewood. It all changed here.

The Princess and the Rogue met one night, a bit of conversation and nothing more. A month or so later after seeing each other and making small talk had gone by. The Rogue was working his way through school with two jobs, one of which was Good Humor Driver. It had been a long day selling ice cream, he was in the Maplewood drinking cold beer. Much cold beer. The Princess was there with her friends drinking Manhattans and giggling.

The Princess got up to leave, the Rogue followed her out. She took off in her car and he followed her. He chased her all the way back to her house, his Good Humor song blowing the whole time. The Princess heard nothing, she didn't even realise she was being chased by a Good Humor truck!

46 years later, the Princess is still as much in love with the Rogue as she was then. The Princess sacrificed her crown and family for a long time as she stood for the man she loved. She traded in the easy life to work in Korvettes so he could get through graduate school. She worked job after job supporting him as he lived his dream of opening and running a rare book store.

46 years later the once-Princess who is my mother is still working to support my father who now sports an oxygen tube and a pacemaker. Every day she gets up at 6AM and works, she comes home and there is her joy of 46 years. My mother keeps everyone together and has done so my entire life. As if it isn't enough at home she is everyone's surrogate mother at her job and I can't think of a single person who doesn't love her.

I don't know if I will ever be a mother or not but I know I will never come close to the woman who is my mom. She is my constant inspiration, best friend and role-model, superhero, wife extraordinary, pillar of strength to the world and my true hero.

Happy Mother's Day, mom. I really and truly love you.

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