>Without further ado, I present my newest published op-ed! Incidentally, the title was not my idea.

Now that the "work" is out there, on to the fun part. There is nothing that I love more than idiots who accuse me of being an idiot! True, the article was not one of my best pieces of work (sorry, Father-in-Law, it isn’t going to nab me that Pulitzer Prize!), but dear god, what is this man even talking about? I took the liberty of italicizing my favorite parts of this hilarious letter:

Ms. Reisman: You really don’t have much of a point. Exactly what are you saying? That two wrongs make a right? That because the Jews confiscated Palestinian lands, then it’s OK because early settlers ripped off Native American territory? The usurpation of Native American lands is one of history’s great injustices, but through a nice little verbal song and dance, you conflate that horrible chapter with another. In the end, might makes right. It’s whomever’s will to power is stronger. If I were a betting man, I would place my money on the Palestinians, because as Arab historian Ibn Khaldoun so astutely pointed out: The intensity of a group’s connection to the land trumps everything. Your opinion piece is pure propaganda, meant to stir feelings of crowd identity on the anniversary of Israel’s unjust acts over the Palestinians. You’re trying unsuccessfully to make the case that because America’s defeat of the Native Americans is fait accompli, then so too should people deem Israel’s illegal occupation also to be an accomplished fact. It simple isn’t. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings. –Nicholas Donald Smith

Oh, Nicky! Where do I even begin? I love your use of SAT vocabulary words. They did add a certain je ne sais quoi to your incoherent ramblings. And I appreciate that you addressed me directly, but with a respectful title. Thanks for the chortle.

I am hoping that another letter appears in Thursday's edition. Good times.