>Here's some free advice from Auntie Suzanne: if you are looking for good action that ends with a bang, don't sleep with CSI: Miami. I just finished watching four back-to-back episodes, and I had hoped that the nonstop pace would leave me satisfied. Instead, I found that 75% of the time, the show really builds the excitement up with new and intriguing moves, making me ready for a climax that would turn me away from other shows forever. Then, no fireworks; only duds. All the good work that took place over the prior 45 minutes gets thrown out the window with the lamest, fakest endings ever. Bah. Of course, I'll be back for more next Monday (or whenever I get around to watching the recording), but damn if it isn't like slinking back home after yet another regrettable one night stand when you know there are much better ways to invest your time. I feel dirty, cheap, and used just thinking about it.