>It has been a long time since I had occassion to rant about unshaved snatch! Thanks to some visitors to CUSS from Carolina Huddle (seriously!), I discovered the following gem:

Just today the hosts on the Mac Attack on WFNZ... one of the producers says he "grooms his wife" and suggests that it is a form of foreplay. Mac responds that it is disgusting and if a man wants that done he should "order it" from his wife, either asking for the "bald eagle" or the "Charlotte Douglas"

what say you?

Well, you asked, so I am happy to respond! My idea of foreplay is not having someone scrape around my cootie with a razor blade, but if it floats someone elses' mutually consenting boats, then all the best to them. However, don't you dare fucking order anyone to groom her crotch to your specs. I assume this was a joke, but damn if it doesn't piss me off. Last time I checked, scrotums are wrinkled, hairy, and unattractive. If a guy thinks that a woman's hairy poon is gross, I suggest he take a good look at his own goods.

On another note, I have to admit that I have no fucking idea what a "Charlotte Douglas" is. There is no definition on my favorite site for these types of questions, Urban Dictionary, and I don't feel like googling the phrase. Any ideas?

Update: I couldn't stop myself from googling "charlotte douglas." Initially I was puzzled because it brought up the Charlotte/Douglas International Airport. Then the light bulb clicked on: landing strips.