>Loving Husband is easy. Although he did not find anything about the picture of the disgusting toilet in India amusing, he indulges (and even encourages) my love for doody jokes. I came home a few weeks ago and found a random bag from Borders on the little bench we have next to our front door. Inside was What's Your Poo Telling You? by Josh Rochman and Anish Sheth, MD.

This slim brown volume is right up my alley, so to speak. There's a description of dung, then analysis from Dr. Stool. Not only is it informative, but heeelarious. Par ejemple, "Rotten Poo" (something of which I am a frequent victim):

This poo can vary in shape and size, but its distinguishing feature is its atrocious and unbearable odor. As this poo is under way, the stench will overwhelm you. Even with a quick courtesy flush, survival instincts force you to speed up the defecating process in order to exit the bathroom as quickly as humanly possible. Lord help the innocent bystanders if you are in a public restroom, because this odor will linger and may promptly cause others to experience gagging and nausea… this poo smells as if a dead animal has been decomposing in your intestines and is making its exit at its most noxious moment [I generally describe my worst gas this way, thinking of it as a hamster or perhaps gerbil]… when it happens, a quick termination of the stooling session is a must.

How could I not cackle multiple times as I typed this up?

"What's so funny?" Husband asked.

"I'm writing about the doody book you gave me," I giggled.

"Ah, you and your book reports!" He puffed his chest with pride.

Yep, I love Husband a lot.