>Annoying, Contratian Bastard (ACB) did not show up to this morning's meeting. The other meeting attendees made snarky remarks, then moved on. Because ACB was not there, we had a very productive and interesting meeting. It was actually exciting for me. Why don't things always work that way?

I wondered if ACB was not there this morning because it is Shavuout, the Jewish holiday of that takes place seven weeks after Passover ends. I recently looked up Shavuot because Husband found that his business trip to Israel coincided with it, and thus no one would be around, so he had to make some changes. The only purpose of Shavuot that I could discern was that it is a feast that takes place seven weeks after Passover. This seems sort of pointless to me, but what do I know? I'm just an atheist Jew who wanted a delicious bagel with cream cheese last night who cursed out my religious brethern for observing this holiday, thus keeping their scrumptious bagel shop closed and forcing me to eat a subpar substitute.

On to the afternoon, which will begin with lunch from the best falafel cart in the universe, and then the delightful freedom of a long weekend. Glee!