>All the dripping in my life this morning is from two things: something potentially very exciting that is percolating at a frenzy which I will know more about after lunch, and the mucus pouring down my throat from a wretched cold.

On another note, I suggest not following the advice of blind people when crossing the street. Last night, Super Des and I came to a busy intersection at 23rd Street as we walked from Ben & Jerry's (which my mucus issue prevented me from partaking - bah!) to writing group. The intersection was particularly challenging because both 5th Avenue and Broadway cross each other and 23rd Stt., so there are many lanes with little islands and walk/don't walk signs. Plus an institute for the blind is down the street, so the lights make that tweeting bird noise.

Anyway, we were scurrying across the street, and there were tons of people going both east and west, impeding our progress. A blind guy was crossing right behind us. As we approached the second little island in the street, a woman in front of us turned to the blind man.

"You can make it to this island, but the light is going to change, so you'll have to wait," she said.

"No, I can make it across," he replied.

Once he said that, I stopped looking at lights and traffic. Of course we could make it across. A blind man said so! I confidently followed him off the island directly into the path of an oncoming bus.

Fortunately, none of us died, leaving me to hack up mucus blobs all night and live to see my exciting meeting this afternoon. More later, whene I have good or not good news.