>Shit that is on my mind this morning:

1. Why will my brain not shut the fuck up when it is time for sleeping so that I can actually rest? Everything else is in place and ready for dreamland – heavy eyelids, slow breathing, stretched out body – but my fucking brain is just chattering away at 100 miles an hour. Yes, I need anti-anxiety meds, STAT!

2. Why is my laptop a fucking piece of shit lately? It takes forever to load up and get running. Then frequently freezes. This morning I wrote a very long email re-explaining the planned system of child care services to someone who should have known better for a variety of reasons (i.e. – he's been told what everything is a hundred times already and in my previous email to him, I spelled things out again – SIGH), and then after I hit send, the fucking system froze. Instead of sending the message, it saved the first two of ten paragraphs as a draft. Thanks.

3. Why has my little crop of chin hairs suddenly become a chin hair farm consisting of hundreds of acres? If I don't harvest the fucking crop every day, it's practically a jungle.

4. Why is George Bush and his cabal of evil still in office? When I looked on the Metro New York website this morning to see if they finally posted my article from Monday (answer: no), I noticed an item noting that "Vice President Dick Cheney and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki acknowledged problems in the pace of reducing violence in Iraq on Wednesday…" It's nice that they decided to stop denying that SHIT IS GONE SERIOUSLY WRONG OVER THERE, but what the fuck? Americans, you are FUCKING RETARDED for not demanding actual, competent leadership.

I used to comfort myself by thinking that at least history will judge them as harshly as they deserve, but since the cabal made all the presidential papers secret and unavailable for scholarship since they know that they are the most corrupt administration since Hoover and the Teapot Dome and more sinister, I worry that justice will never be served.

Yeah, it is a great motherfucking morning.