>Out of the blue on Monday, I received an email from a publisher that I had sent a proposal to back at the end of January. I've been working (on and off, mostly off) on a book about fun and wacky things to see and do in New York City. The guy who emailed me (let's call him Publisher for now) said he'd be in NYC for BookExpo and hoped to have lunch with me to talk more about my idea. One of the things he specifically mentioned was where other than bookstores I thought might sell my book, which is of course why I asked everyone for ideas, albeit in a cryptic and vague way.

I just got back from our lunch, which was delightful. My main point was that I want to write this book because I really love all the places that I included, and I want other people to know about them and share my enthusiasm. In that vein, I will do anything I can to promote it and get it into people's hands. He seemed pleased by my eager beaverness. Publisher also said he thought a book like this could have a very long, steady life, especially if I am willing to do updates, which I totally am. We're both from the Midwest originally. Not that that really has anything to do with anything except my willingness to use the phrase "eager beaver" in an un-ironic way.

Nothing is a done deal quite yet, but he's going to get in touch with my agent. (My friend who helped me draft the proposal, and most recently opened my eyes about my lack of polish when it comes to writing memoirs.) So we'll see what comes of it, but I am pretty gosh darn psyched.