>Well, at least this answer to my question regarding why anyone would look specifically for "jewish pussy" made me smile:

Okay, coming from a Gentile man....so forgive my "all English" usage (sans Yiddish). My search for Jewish pussy is to narrow down the large list of hot women to look at to only look at the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN in the world-Jewish Women. Not sure if there is any physiological difference in the actual unit itself, however, there is a distinct beauty to the women who possess Jewish pussy.

My search and quest for finding beautiful Jewish women is almost reason enough for me to forget about old "what's his name" and convert to Judaism myself.

Also, I'd like to chime in the whole unshaved thing...I CAN'T STAND shaved pussy! I like REAL women who have curves and hair. I'm not in search of a woman who looks like she is 12 year old. Put those razors away!

Keep up the good work ladies...you do it so well naturally. No wonder you are the Chosen Ones....

OK, back to feeling sorry for myself, even if I do chuckle over this every once in a while.