>Today is my dad's 61st birthday! Turning 61 is not particularly impressive these days, but my father's birthday is something of a miracle. He was born extremely premature in the Ural mountains to Holocaust survivors, only kept alive when my grandparents placed him in an oven. Think about the irony in that.

Several years later, my dad was electrocuted by a live wire in a train yard while waiting to leave for his new life in America. Once in the US, he was hit head on by a car, thrown through the air, and landed head first into another parked car. Yet he lived through all of this and went on to double the size of his family when he married and had children of his own. Having a family, to my my father and grandparents, is nothing short of a miracle and the best gift of all.

As part of that "miracle gift," I want to wish my dad a super happy 61st birthday! I love you!