>I get a lot of hits from people googling "jewish pussy." On Thursday, November, 30 I wondered what people were exactly looking for with this search. Did they think that Jewish pussy somehow looked different from Christian pussy? I requested that searchers let me know what they were thinking to satisfy my curiosity.

Over the next few months, a few comments tickled in. However, this most recent one takes the cake:

Why do I google "Jewish Pussy"? It is a test. One can find scores of prono websites for "Asian Pussy", "White Pussy", "Black Pussy", "Japanese Pussy", "German Pussy"...etc. Yet no web sites for "Jewish Pussy". Interestingly enough, many websites that exploit Women of various ethnic or racial types are indeed owned and oeprated by JEWS!!! Thus, they do not respect non Jewish Women. Boycott porno forever.

What the FUCK are you talking about? While Judaism certainly is a culture, it is more comparable to look and see if there are sites for Christian pussy or Hindu pussy, not Asian pussy. More disturbing, how on earth can you decide randomly that Jews operate those websites?

This is not the first time people have left crazy remarks about Jews being bad people on CUSS. On the other hand, is ther not something really funny about someone sanctimoniously researching different kinds of pussy on the internet? It cracks me up inspite of myself.