>I know, I know. This is a hat that someone who pledges her virginity to her father wears to church on Easter Sunday. Fear not. I have not lied to you about my credits as a card-carrying liberal athiest Jewish white trash girl from the suburbs of Chicago who now lives in NYC. I do, however, love the crap out of this hat, even as it makes me cringe in horror at its awfulness. (I've never been crazy about the big red flower.) The hat has been part of my stylin' wardrobe since high school at least, but possibly as far back as junior high.

I wore this hat every day while I was in India. I am fairly sure that several people laughed at me as I walked around in such a ridiculous thing. I also wore it 12 years ago to Passsover dinner at Husband's parents' house. It was my first time meeting them. I am fairly certain that they wanted to know what kind of lunatic their son was dating. Oh, they know now.

Mwa ha ha ha.