>Husband and I went to see Blades of Glory with some friends last night. I had some trepidation about seeing it, as I feared it might be some big jokes-about-homos fest, but I figured that Amy Poehler was in it and she doesn't seem like the type of person who would be in a homophobic flick. Plus, yesterday was one of those days where I set out to go to a 2.5 hour meeting that I really did not want to go, then it began 50 minutes late, and four hours later, I finally left the office, so I needed some brainless entertainment. Surprisingly, I giggled throughout Blades, and even had an outright guffaw at one point.

My plan to sleep in this morning was thwarted by the assholes upstairs, who decided to begin semi-consistently banging on something at 10:15 am. I realize that 10:15 am is not particularly early, but I am in definite need of beauty rest these days. They were done by 11:00. Why the fuck couldn't they just wait an extra 45 minutes before they decided to hang up pictures or whatever the fuck they were doing? I hope a thumb was smashed at some point.

Tonight, Husband and I have a date! We are going to The Losers Lounge. The Losers Lounge is a fun tribute band. Homage is paid tonight to Hall & Oates. I don't think I know that many Hall & Oates songs, but that's OK. (I usually think I don't know many songs by a particular group, and it turns out that I really do, I just don't know that I do. I never know what songs are called and who sings them. It's part of my general cluelessness.) Past shows I have attended were Queen, Debbie Harry v. Chrissie Hynd, and Elton John. Good times.