>I'm sitting in O'Hare. I should be landing at LaGuardia now, but I am still being punished for my greedy attempt to have it all (extra time in India, time with my family, and time with my in-laws). Thus my flight was all on track to go, and then it was delayed by 15 minutes. No biggie.

Then my flight was delayed by an hour. Then another hour. I craftily identified a flight that was leaving for JFK that actually had a plane and crew here. I was first on the stand by list. I was pleased. Then the motherfuckers canceled the flight to LaGuardia. And suddenly 8 people who have higher status than I do were in front of me for stand by. I began losing it. By the time the plane was loaded and I was fucking next to get off the stand by list, the airline decided that although there were seats left, the plane was too heavy given the weather conditions to take anyone else. So for the 675,922 in three days, I found myself bawling.

I always get emotionally screwy after a good/intense trip. It's just time for me to go home and see Husband. I was so looking forward to having a nice Passover with my other family, Rebecca, and my friend who I invited. Normally, I become a crabby wenchy bitch when things like this disappoint me, but my little fuel tank is low and I am running on fumes here. Fumes make me cry.

Anyway, at least I got internet access in the airport. I'm looking forward to catching up on all the blogs I've missed for the last 9 days or so.