>I received this email a few days ago from my friend Alex. Her Younger Son (YS) is my official godkid, but I think of her Older Son (OS) as my godkid, too. (OS, as many of your know from Alex's hilarious blog, is 3.5 and YS is 9 months.)

Hi Suzanne,
I just wanted to let you know how highly OS thinks of you. Yesterday
when I was changing YS's diaper, OS pointed out that YS had an
anus. Then he proceeded to list people he knows that have anuses.
Guess who was one of the first people on his list? How are things going?

This just cracks me up for so many reasons. I am so damn proud of this kid. I also happen to love the seamless transition from being told that OS said I have an anus (not that I am an anus, thankfully) to asking how I am. I am proud, dammit! Proud!

On another note, Florida is delightful. I arrived yesterday afternoon to find warmth and sunshine. While Husband was at his conference reception, I wandered out of the fancy resort (it's about 1/2 mile walk to get the hell out of here) and as I was leaving, I asked the security guard if he could recommend a place to eat. He said I should try the Cuban place down the road. It was bueno. I particularly loved my mamey (no, I have no idea what that is) batido (shake) and dulce de leche sandwhich cookie, which in Argentina is called alfejore, but the woman stared at me like I was wild-eyed from crack when I called it that. On the way back, I found a 7 Eleven and bought Cheerios and yogurt for breakfast. Upon further exploration, I found a ginormous Winn-Dixie grocery store that I will get lunch at. The security guard and I chatted it up when I came back. Turns out he's originally from Brooklyn.

Oh, yeah, I got some writing done, too.