>When someone looking for the best wide open snatch on internet spends almost five whole minutes (according to my stat counter, it was precisely 4 minutes and 56 seconds!) reading seven pages of my blog, I know that I am doing something right. Or very, very wrong. Either way, I puff my chest out with pride!

Incidentally, here is a snapshot of the search terms and sources of my last 20 visitors:

1 winona ryder heathers (images.google.ca)
2 christie brinkley nude (images.google.com)
3 (images.google.com.au)
4 prague (blogsearch.google.com)
7 hairless twat (images.google.com)
8 van chai (images.google.com)
9 (images.google.co.nz)
11 thong anus (images.google.co.uk)
12 snatch (google.ca)
13 granny snatch (google.com)
14 my frist time story (google.com.fj)
15 triple f.a.t. coat (google.com)
16 shave my beaver (google.com)
18 fantasy world models (images.google.com)
19 v-string (images.google.com)
20 cock eating (google.com)

What can I say? The world is obviously a horny place. Also, I clearly need to share these lists more often.

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