>"Ji nahi" means "no" in Hindi. It was the third word I learned in India, but probably the most important. It seemed to work wonders when people tried to sell me things.

I had a "ji nahi" moment last Monday evening when I received my new book for learning Hindi from barnesandnoble.com. It seems that I can't read English very well and thus did not notice that the book I ordered did not, in fact, come with a CD. As I discovered while in India, when I tried to pronounce things after merely reading them in my little Hindi & Urdu phrasebook, this is not a good method for speaking a language if you want to be sure you are saying, "Thank you, my friend" instead of, "Come to my room tonight for hot monkey sex." I need to listen to things be said properly and repeat them. I also cornered one of the men who work in my building and asked him if I can practice Hindi with him. He seemed rather pleased with my suggestion. (He also seemed extra excited when I spoke one of my four phrases to him, which of course makes me worry that I unintentionally offered to suck his dick as part of his holiday tip this year...)

Oh well. I'll bring it back to Barnes & Noble and then re-order the book with the tape online, which I will then get free shipping on and a discount. It's cumbersome, but so is learning Hindi right?